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Professional Rug Cleaning in London, UK

Buying an antique rug requires a significant financial investment. A visually attractive rug on the floor enhances and beautifies the entrance of your home. However, dust particles and dirt will inevitably build up over time, causing the rug’s colour to fade. 

To help you maintain the shades, expert steam or dry carpet cleaning is required. Why? Because rugs are made of gentle fibres that require additional care when cleaning. You can rely on our professional rug cleaning services in London. We evaluate the situation and determine whether dry cleaning, a leather cleaning solution, or steam cleaning is required. So, you can count on our experts to provide the best services possible.  

We have the equipment and cleaning solutions to fit the fabric type of your oriental or the beautiful Persian rug and keep its shine. So, why put it off? For professional rug cleaning in London, contact Cleanny Carpet Cleaning today to restore your rug’s original lustre.

Leading Rug Cleaner in London

Rugs differ from carpets. Rugs have more detailed and intricate designs. These designs are occasionally handmade to add a classic and authentic feel. Neglecting a rug can cause it to accumulate dirt and lose its natural shine. The vintage design and textiles of the rug will make you want to keep it for as long as possible. 

It is, however, natural for the colouring to fade and dirt to accumulate over time. However, if you ignore it, dirt will ultimately cause the carpet to lose its lustre. Thus, professional rug steam or dry cleaning is necessary to keep the rug in good condition. We assess the situation and ascertain whether a leather cleaning solution, steam cleaning or dry cleaning, is required. You can rely on our experts to provide the best services possible. For rug cleaning in London, contact Cleanny Carpet Cleaning.

Why Choose Us for Rug Cleaning Services in London, UK?

Cleanny Carpet Cleaning was established in 2013 in New Zealand. Following that, in 2018, we moved to London and started working as contract cleaners for another well-known cleaning company.  We then resumed our home care cleaning services in 2020. Since then have cleaned thousands of properties to date, under the name of Cleanny Carpet Cleaning. 

So today, Cleanny Carpet Cleaning is a well-known cleaning company. And we are looking forward to gaining more customers with our excellent and spotless work. Our combined experience of eight years makes us a high-quality rug cleaning service provider in London.  

We go out of our way to give our clients assurance, confidence and stress-free cleaning. We make the rug cleaning process as quick and efficient as possible to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. We make every effort to complete the cleaning within the given timeframe without causing any problems.  Please contact us to schedule your next rug cleaning appointment.

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